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My Garden is Open!

My Garden is Open!

I know this may sound lame but.... I am so excited to FINALLY see my first lilac bloom! aaahhhh.... My Garden is Open! Someone commented on my instagram account that lilacs takes her … Read On...

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27 Ways to Enjoy Avocados #Recipes

27 Ways to Enjoy Avocados #Recipes

I love avocados. I was thrilled when avocados were deemed the 'healthy fat' a few years ago. 27 Ways to Enjoy Avocados #Recipes This is something that I make all of the time. My Easy Guacamole Recipe This is so easy to make, it tastes good, it … [Read More...]


27 facts about strawberries

Did you know that strawberries first grew in the wild before becoming a fixture gardens? 27 facts about strawberries   Did you know... Strawberries are a member of the rose family. The perfect strawberry is in the shape of a heart. The less … [Read More...]

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