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Find the Perfect Hat For Sunny Days

What is the most important accessory to wear on a sunny day? If you were to ask me, I would say that wearing a hat on a sunny day is essential. It's all about the wrinkles and the cancer scare. … [Read More...]

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How to choose the perfect patio set

I am about due for a new patio set. After many winters, dogs, and other detriments, my patio set has seen better days. I am due for a new set. How to choose the perfect patio set I did a bit of … [Read More...]

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Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza Recipe @BirdsEye

Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza Recipe @BirdsEye

The folks at BIRDS EYE® asked me to let you know about this product. For more information on the disclosure policy of this site, please scroll down. Have you tried the new BIRDS EYE® STEAMFRESH VEGETABLES? I picked some BIRDS EYE® STEAMFRESH VEGETABLES … [Read More...]

21 Ways to Make a Turkey Burger

21 Ways to Make a Turkey Burger

I am not much of a meat eater these days. We seem to make a lot of Turkey Burgers around here. 21 Ways to Make a Turkey Burger This is the basic turkey burger idea. There are some people who are unsure of how you eat these. In reality, many … [Read More...]

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My Posh Life


It’s a Horse’s Life…

I was in Washington state over the weekend at my niece's wedding. Whenever I travel I like to take some time discovering the area that I am traveling in. You see, I live in what could possibly be the most boring area of the country. It's flat here, … [Read More...]

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