How to shop at Outlet Malls, 30 great tips! Day 17

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My dream vacation would be to have a large sum of cash and an outlet mall to spend it in. You can save a lot of money if you know how to shop the outlet malls. Not all outlet stores and malls are the same. It takes some know-how to master the art of outlet shopping.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Some outlet stores carry items that are unique to that store and not necessarily what is carried at the retail store itself. Stores that do this include GAP, Saks, COACH and Talbots. You can often tell by the tag on the item. Does it look like the regular store tag?
  2. Outlets can carry old stock, over stock and lesser quality. You may want to ask a clerk at the store where your item came from.
  3. There may be better deals at stores such as Kohls on items such as athletic shoes or TJMaxx on about anything. Know your items and prices.
  4. Always check to see what the return policy is of the store.
  5. On vacation? Check your hotel lobby or tourist area for coupons or information on the mall.
  6. Check the mall office for coupons as well.
  7. Know who owns the mall? Check their website for deals and information. For example, Tanger Outlet coupons online and a list of locations
  8. Some outlet malls will also have deals for special events such as Breast Cancer Awareness month. They may have a coupon book where proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness and you save a bundle of money in return.
  9. Tanger also has special deals for AAA, AARP, and Groups. Check to see if your mall does as well.
  10. Premium Outlets is another big mall chain. Check their site for events
  11. Premium’s VIP Club can help you save even more with coupons and more
  12. Check out a listing of locations for Premium Malls
  13. Simon Malls is another big name. They operate Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise, Florida- Florida’s second most popular tourist attraction.
  14. You can locate deals and more from Simon on their site.
  15. The best time to shop is on Thursday and Friday mornings. The crowds are fewer and the stores are freshly stocked. Friday will lend to weekend deals as well.
  16. The worst time to shop the outlets, you guessed it, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  17. Read return policies well.
  18. Try everything on since the sizing may be the reason why the item is there.
  19. Don’t pay attention to what the store tells you the MSRP is.
  20. You may find a great deal on items that are out of season.
  21. You can also find deals on items that are not relevant to your area. For example, designer deals may be more prevalent   in areas where people are less likely to pay full price for the items.
  22. Don’t hesitate to ask the clerks at the store where items came from, if they will get further reduced etc. They are use to those kinds of question.
  23. Have a phone that has internet? Why not do a search on an item to see if it is the hot deal that you want.
  24. Be smart about your personal belonging especially, your wallet. You can become easily distracted.
  25. Wear good walking shoes and dress comfortably.
  26. Get deals on fall fashions right after Christmas
  27. Get winter merchandise in February or March.
  28. Get Spring merchandise   in Ma
  29. Get summer merchandise  in July.
  30. Check to see if your favorite mall is on Facebook or sends out email alerts



  • Overstock items from larger stores
  • Items that may need to be moved quickly.
  • Outlet specific merchandise
  • Items that were over-purchased or never went to the main stores
  • Old merchandise
  • Past season items


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