Tips for Buying Coupons Online, The Coupon Challenge Day 21

Is it cheating or is it a good idea?

Spending money to save money with coupons. It’s actually big business. And, if you are a coupon addict, or someone who likes to save money with coupons, this could actually be a good idea.

How does this work?

People have coupons and then sell them via forums or even eBay. When the coupons are purchased they are sent to the purchaser to use.

Where do you buy coupons?

The Coupon Clippers The Coupon Clippers is a site which offers their coupon clipping services. They have a ton of coupons.

You simply go to their site, choose your coupons, pay (credit card, debit , or Paypal) and in a few days your coupons will be in your hands. There is nothing to print out.

Here is a sample of what kind of coupons you will find.  We’ve included the ‘handling fees’ so you can get an idea about how much it would cost to buy the coupons. Since time can be valuable, purchasing coupons may not be a bad idea. You can find all kinds of coupons including fast food coupons here.

Click here to find out about any of these items


1. Find a reliable source. That is, a site that has been around for a while and has viable proof of an active base (such as a forum with recent posts).
2. If you are on eBay, just as with anything else you would purchase on eBay, check out the seller and the seller’s policies etc.
3. Keep in mine the expiration date of the coupon- will you be receiving in time.
4. How long will it take to receive the coupon?? A site should tell you this. Coupon Clippers say it should take 4 days and they even have a schedule.
5. Some coupon sellers have a minimum purchase. While this may be small in comparison to how much you will save in the long run.

6. Understand the coupon fine print. Is is only good in a certain store or for use by a certain person? Is it only good with an additional purchase?

7. If the coupon was in your local insert, it may be worth your while to just go out and purchase another paper or beg a friend or neighbor.

8. Purchasing coupons is a good idea if the coupons did not appear in a paper close to you and the coupons are usable at your local store.

9.Purchasing coupons is a good idea if it’s a good savings on products you normally buy and there is a generous amount of time before the coupon expires.

10.  Purchasing coupons is a good way to jump-start your coupon collection.



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