Extreme Couponing- good or Bad?

The other day, I was in a couponing forum where the topic was about people who felt that TLC’s Extreme Couponing show was bad for every day couponers.

I must admit, I am someone who enjoys the thrill of a great deal. It’s the high of the savings rather than the use of the actual item itself that thrills me for the first 24 hours after shopping. A few weeks later when the bills roll in and there is no room left to store anything else that  I wonder, was it worth it?

When it comes to the staples, toilet paper etc, getting those deals can save you a ton of money that you can wisely (or not so wisely if you choose) use elsewhere. I’m all for that. It’s a tough economy.

But, when you hear stories about people with multiple carts of antiperspirant and candy bars that they paid a total of $25.99 for, you have to wonder why? Where is it all going? Can you ever use that in a lifetime?

We know that the stores love it when we come in and buy their products using coupons that they can just get reimbursed for and still profit on (in most cases). At what point is it okay for the stores to put limits on it all? Many of us have been lucky to get to shop at a store where they will take multiple coupons for sale items. In the store’s marketing team’s eyes, you’re telling everyone you know that you bought a pack of gum for 5 cents while you ran in for a $3 gallon of milk (btw, it’s $2.09 at my Aldi right now). Of course, you can expect half the people you know to remember that great and attempt to do the same thing.

The problems begin, according to the forum members, when we see people on TV, with cart loads of stuff that they paid $54 for,  that can ruin things for the rest of us trying to make ends meet. The copycats wanna-be’s at home watching want that thrill  and attempt to do the same thing and end up with a massive stockpile. The next thing you know, there are new coupon policies in place.

Some of the forum members compared the massive stockpiling  to a form of hoarding. Saving money is a wonderful thing for us and our economy. Having a stockpile of things you use all the time can really help in a bind. Hoarding? I’m not an expert on hoarding and I don’t want to be. I really just want to stretch my dollar and I don’t want my ability to do so taken away from me.

How do you feel about ‘extreme couponing’? Good or bad?


fyi-TLC Extreme Couponing show returns this Wednesday April 6. It’s a great way to get some tips on couponing and see how the extreme people live.



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