Help! I want to become an Extreme Couponer!

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Help, I was to become an Extreme Couponer!

This was actually posted somewhere. I’m not going to say where however, I will say if you are posting this question in anticipation of having the givings of Extreme Couponing fall into your lap, you may be waiting for a while. It’s kind of like posting “Help! I want to win the lottery”. The person posting this was looking for ‘extreme couponers’ to respond with the tips on how to  help the person walk out of the grocery store next week with cartloads of goodies similar to what may be seen on TV.

Ten Truths about the “Extreme Couponing” thing.

1. What you see on TV may not be as it really is.
Shocked, I know. Like anything else on TV, the goal is to get more viewers and to satisfy the people paying the bills to run the TV show. How do you get more viewers? You make things sound more than exciting- almost too good to actually be true.

2. While Couponing may be easy for many, Extreme Couponing is not.
Come on, when is extreme anything easy?

3. You have to learn how to coupon before you can get ‘extreme’ at it.
Kind of like extreme sports. You have to know how to do the sports first.

4. How is it that you define “Extreme Couponing” anyway?
Is it defined as ‘providing for your family’ while in a recessive slump? Or is it being able to fill 4 carts at the grocery store for $100, get your picture taken and appear on TV?

5. Extreme Couponing is like mastering Couponing itself and then taking it up a notch or 20.
Do you really have the time, space, and devotion to do this?

6. Extreme Couponing means flirting with the idea of becoming an ‘organized hoarder’.
That’s right. When you extreme coupon, you will be called a hoarder behind your back by many who don’t get it, don’t want to get it, and who may be a tad jealous. Extreme couponers fall in love with their stockpiles and take good care of them which is why you probably won’t see them on a TV show where visitors need to climb into their house via a window since the door is not accessible.

7. It takes a lot of research to Extreme Coupon.
Researching online deals, store policies, coupon releases, blogs, forums and so much more. Who ever said saving money was going to be easy?

8. It takes a lot of printer ink, stamps, gas, time  and newspapers to find your way to extreme.
Face it, one subscription to your local Sunday paper won’t give you the coupons that you need to fill that cart for $15.

9. The people that you hear about or see on TV don’t shop like that every week!
They will even tell you so on TV. They have had to amass their coupon stash to get there. They’re just trying to make it look exciting for the rest of us by letting us in on the big one.

10. Really, is it so bad to be an average coupon user?
Not every necessity in life will have a coupon attached to it or will go on sale. Which means you will not always be able to score that great deal.

The good news about being an average coupon user is that you can really save a lot of money to use elsewhere in your budget or to save for something special just by being a bit more frugal and cutting coupons for items you know you need and will use. Check out my sidebar to see how I’m doing. Being average also means more time to do other things such as spend time with your family. Being average may also mean that you will need maybe just a shelf or two to store stuff instead of an entire basement or three bedrooms.

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