Ask Ms Posh- Extreme Couponing Websites.

I often get these questions from our wonderful readers so, I thought I’d take a few moments to address them.


What websites do extreme couponers use?

Without going into specifics, ‘Extreme’ or experienced coupon users will most often use the following kinds of sites:

  • Store sites- for specials, coupons, mailing lists, freebies, coupon policies, and e-savings.
  • Blogs/websites- for coupon match-ups,tips and ad previews.
  • Coupon databases– Through a coupon database, such as the one here at Posh on a Budget, Coupon Users from every level can access coupons from just about everywhere (thousands!).
  • Forums- for tips, previews, and deals.
  • Search Engines-for about everything else

The specific sites that are used by individual coupon users tend to be a personal preference based on needs such as local stores and where they have had the best luck in the past. Sticking to the basic list mentioned, you can develop your list of sites based upon what works for you.

How do extreme couponers get so many coupons?

It’s not so much the rocket science as it is the creativity here. While most of us will await our weekend newspaper, ‘extreme’ or experienced couponers may also do the following to find their coupons;

  • Purchase additional papers .
  • Purchase magazines with coupons (All you!)
  • Use a variety of online coupon databases (most of which you can get links to from a large database such as the one on Posh on a Budget.


  • Use their creativity to obtain more inserts- ask friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Use a database, such as Posh on a Budget‘s, to find coupons on Facebook.
  • Find e-coupons from the store site or a database to load on to a store card (check coupon policies concerning stacking these).
  • Also check out the Catalina opportunities (print outs with receipts)
  • Write to the manufacturer or check out their websites.
  • Trade coupons with others.
  • ‘Purchase’ coupons from a coupon clipping service.
  • Find coupons on or in product packaging.

To save the most money,’ extreme’ or experienced  coupon users will match these coupons to advertised prices.

Visit our database to get started!



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