How do extreme couponers get so many coupons?

Most of us have heard of or have seen the images of “Extreme Couponers” and their coupon binders filled with coupons. Obviously, not all of those coupons came from one Sunday paper. Finding additional coupons takes some thinking beyond the “Coupon Box”.

How do extreme couponers get so many coupons?

Five places where you can be like the extreme couponers and find more coupons.

1. Find out what other coupons are allowed to be used WITH the coupons that you already have. This is called “stacking”. If you check your store’s policy about coupons, you may find that you can use an electronic coupon that is associated with your phone or maybe your store card in addition to your paper coupon.

2. Coupon Clipping services often have coupons that are hard to find or that never appeared in you paper. While it may be considered fraud to actually purchase a coupons, a service will sell you their services associated with a particular coupon.

3. Coupon Databases are a great place to find coupons from all over the internet. Simply input the name of the product and click search. You can make your search more specific as to stores etc.

4. Join a train.
A coupon train is comprised of coupon users who basically share the coupons they won’t be using in an effort to get more of the kinds they are going to use. You can learn more or join a train.

5. Be creative about getting unused coupons.
Being creative means marketing to everyone you may come in contact with that you are seeking coupons and inserts. Mention this to groups you come into contact with (PTA etc), place it on your emails, and call your local nursing home for starters. Once you get on a roll, you never know where your next coupon may come from!



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