Resolutions, Eat more Healthy, 5 Great Tips

One of the most popular New Years resolutions is to eat more healthy.

Resolutions, Eat more Healthy, 5 Great Tips

1. Planning ahead can be key.
Planning your meals out before you go shopping can help you stick to your budget and to your diet goals. Make a weekly menu and then write out a list of what you need according to the menu. This will help you stray on what you consume and spend.

2. Veggies and Fruits are essential.
By now you know that eating fruits and vegetables is essential. How many should you have in a day? According to the USDA, your veggies and fruit should cover 1/2 of your plate. That is, a quarter of every meal should include veggies and 1/4 should include fruits.

3. Avoiding those snack traps.
Sometimes, we are so hungry that we grab the first thing we see- usually a bag of snacks. Prepare for this by having easy to find bags of carrots or other healthier choices. Make these items your convenience items.

4. Keep an eye on your ‘grazing’ habits.
A chip here and a candy there can add up. Keep a slice of gum nearby and a record of what you are eating if you need to.

5. Enjoy but, not as much.
Rediscover lesser calorie or lesser fat treats for example. Enjoy wine rather than a Pina Colada baked chips rather than the usual items.



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