100 Days of Tips- Day 3 , Avoiding the fakes

It can be hard to pass up the designer bag on that auction site when it’s half the price of the big mall store. Sadly, counterfeit items are big business and you may not even know when you’ve been sucked into it.

100 tips

100 Days of Tips- Day 3 , Avoiding the fakes, 5 Great tips

1. If it sounds too good to be true….
Who hasn’t heard this one? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve heard the cliche because people keep falling for the “too good to be true”. Look at the big picture- why on earth would this item be so inexpensive? Does your answer sound reasonable?

2. Check out that seller.
If that item is featured somewhere such as eBay, check out the seller’s reputation. While sometimes things happen, such as a snow storm slowing down delivery or operator error, read what the people are saying about the seller.

3. Where is the item located?
An Italian brand of handbag should have no reason to be coming from Africa (just an out of the blue example with no exact merit). The point is, an Italian brand of handbag should be coming from Italy.

4. What are your options for money back or dissatisfaction?
If there is no physical address/phone number or other means of communication with the seller, do you really want to drop your money there? Most reputable sellers will have some means of communication.

5. Do your research before you buy.
Know the details about the item, such as construction materials and retail price. What are other sellers actually selling it for? Doing your research will make you a more educated buyer.



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