10 ways you can maximize your dollar to live your Posh lifestyle.

Here at Poshonabudget.com, we take saving money seriously.

Every dollar that you don’t spend can be used more wisely or saved. Our goal here is to learn how to maximize the worth of a dollar while living a Posh lifestyle.

10 ways you can maximize your dollar to live your Posh lifestyle.

1. Get a clue on your budget.
How much money is coming in monthly, how much do you HAVE to spend (loans etc), and how much must you save to reach your goals? What is left is the amount of money you can spend on living your Posh life.

3. Get real.
Are you spending too much in your ‘wants’ versus your ‘needs’ ? What’s essential?

4. Start using lists when you shop.
Use a grocery list. You will be less likely to pick up extra and unnecessary items and more likely to stick to your budget.

5. In a hurry? Learn how you can shop efficiently rather than just to save an extra $1.

6.Learn how to do the shopping math.
This means comparing the price-per-ounce or other unit prices. Often this will be displayed for you on the shelf. You may want to hit the dollar store for a small calculator.

7. Consider stockpiling items.
Smart coupon users have learned this trick. When there is a sale and some coupons you can use on that sale, stock up. You will save money in the long run. Stock up on non-perishable items with low per-unit costs for best results.

8. There is not enough that we can say about using coupons and coupon codes.Sites like this one make it easier for you to do this.

9. Sometimes, using credit cards can be a messy necessity. Do your best to minimize the mess of fees for example. Avoid late payment fees and possible interest rate increases on your credit cards. You can do this by paying online or making sure your payment is mailed a week to ten days before the statement due date. Did you know, late payments on one card can increase fees and interest rates on other cards? Ouch- now that’s a mess!

10. It may be impossible to avoid interest charges but, you can certainly attempt to minimize them. Read the fine print on your credit card statements concerning closing dates, grace periods and percentages.



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