Product Review, Canada Dry Ginger Ale 10

canada dry 10

Product Review, Canada Dry Ginger Ale 10

Here is a product that is probably designed for those who want less sugar and a ginger ale taste.

The information and the specifics on this item are pretty much in the nutritional label. We circled the important parts. While this product serving size is 20 ounces (compared to the usual 8), that’s still a lot of sodium. The fructose in this was a turnoff as well.

Regular ginger ale contains 80mg of sodium for the same size. This is basically the same product with less fructose and more added items to bump down the calories.

What about the taste?
It does not taste any better than regular ginger ale and as a matter of fact, it tasted sweeter to us. We say stick with the regular or diet if you are in a ginger ale kind of mood.



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