7-Piece Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit. $19.99 was $149

$7-Piece Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit. $19.99 was $149

7-Piece Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit. $19.99 was $149

Combination of carbamide peroxide and remineralizing gels whitens teeth while preventing over-sensitivity; blue LED light spurs whitening

Kit Contents
Blue LED accelerator light
Carbamide peroxide gel (10 mL)
Remineralizing gel (3 mL)
Mouth-tray storage box
Set of upper and lower thermoforming mouth trays
Zippered travel case
Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit
Discolored teeth no longer need to visit a dental office to regain their luster thanks to this powerful home whitening kit. After heating up the thermoforming mouth trays and conforming them to your teeth, apply the included gels into the mouth trays. Carbamide peroxide gel helps lift stains caused by smoking, coffee-drinking, or baring your teeth at a squid. Meanwhile, the remineralizing gel replenishes minerals, strengthens enamel, and helps reduce sensitivity, while the blue LED light accelerates the whitening process. The kit’s zippered travel bag and mouth-tray box allow users to maintain their flashy smiles while on the road.

Carbamide peroxide gel helps lift stains on teeth
Remineralizing gel strengthens enamel and helps prevent sensitivity
Blue LED light spurs whitening ingredients
Thermoforming mouth trays
7–14 daily whitening applications
Zippered travel bag for whitening on the go
Mouth-tray storage box protects trays when not in use

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